What does it mean when you’re told that your loved one is “Transitioning”?


Transitioning is the state of decline which appears a few days to weeks preceding death. During this phase, you may notice your loved one experiencing changes in their condition and declining.


You may notice some of the following symptoms when your loved one is entering the Transitioning phase:

  • decreased level of consciousness, sleeping more, or becoming more lethargic

  • decreased communication or withdrawal from social interaction

  • having increased anxiety, restlessness, or agitation

  • increased confusion, delirium, or hallucinations

  • decreased appetite or difficulty swallowing

  • bowel or bladder incontinence

  • changes in vital signs (usually increased pulse, decreased blood pressure)

  • increased peripheral edema

  • skin temperature changes


Everyone’s journey towards end of life is unique and not everyone experiences all of the same symptoms to the same degree.


Their decline could be gradual over a few weeks time or they can move through this phase very quickly and enter into the actively dying phase.


If your loved one is declining and you would like more information on this process or would like to talk with someone experienced in end of life care, please feel free to send me a message.