True or False?

When someone is admitted to hospice, there will be a nurse at the bedside 24/7.


Unfortunately, this is false. The hospice team will make routine visits to assess the needs of the patient and family. There is also a 24/7 phone number for issues that arise outside of normal business hours or outside of the scheduled routine visit, but the nurse will not stay 24/7.


A patient’s daily care needs are provided by family, friends, neighbors, or a hired caregiver. Hospice does not come to reposition, change, or administer medications to patients every time it is needed throughout the day.

However, there is a service available to hospice patients called Continuous Care. This service is utilized when the patient prefers to stay in their own home, but there is a symptom that has been difficult to manage or there is a situation that has arisen where the patient/family needs additional support or education to be able to manage their care. A hospice staff member will be assigned to stay  in the home during this time.


This is a temporary service. Once the symptom is under control or once the patient and family have an understanding of how to manage the specific needs, the service will be discontinued. This may also be dependent on staffing availability.