If your loved one has fallen and you are not able to assist them up, you can call your local non-emergency phone number (or just call 911) and ask for a LIFT ASSIST. They will send out assistance to scoop your loved one up off the floor. Additionally, you should always notify your hospice provider of any falls, with or without injury.


If your loved one has not sustained any injuries, only has minor injuries, or refuses to go to the hospital, they do not have to go to the hospital. Call your Hospice provider and they will make arrangements with you to have a nurse visit to follow up.


If it appears they have broken a bone or sustained a serious injury, your loved one can go to the hospital for xrays or imaging, but depending on their condition and their desires, surgical intervention may or may not be an option and a discussion of “Where do we go from here?” will need to occur. If they do go to the hospital, you should notify your hospice provider so they know where your loved one is and can follow up with the hospital.

Even with a potentially broken bone, some patients still do not want to go to the hospital. You may ask your hospice provider if a mobile x-ray is an option, where the x-ray can be done in the home instead, but again, the discussion of “Where do we go from here?” will need to occur and a nursing visit is still advised.

It is a goal of Hospice to keep your loved one home and comfortable. If a serious injury has occurred and they are experiencing severe discomfort or needs that can now not be managed at home, your loved one may be able to be taken to a hospice care center to assist in managing the care, discomfort, or other symptoms.