Often when someone’s health declines significantly, they start to feel loss of control.


Maybe they can’t feed themselves anymore or get themselves dressed. They may need to use incontinence products or assistive devices to get through their day.


Preserving someones dignity is important, especially at end of life.


Here are ways you can help maintain someone’s dignity:


  • Include them in conversations, don’t speak around them as if they weren’t there. Even if someone is unresponsive, it is said that your hearing is the last thing to go, so speak as if they can hear you, because they probably can!

  • Give them choices and include them in decisions regarding their care and daily activities.

  • -Be respectful. Ask permission or tell them what you are going to be doing before you do it.

  • Protect their personal information. Don’t share their story with people they haven’t approved it to be shared with.

  • Protect their privacy. If providing personal cares, close the door, cover up the parts of the body that are not being bathed and that could be exposed.

  • Offer to help with things they can’t do, or have a hard time doing.

  • Be patient. Don’t rush them through tasks because you can do it faster.

  • Provide a calm environment.

  • Live by the Golden Rule. Treat others as you would want to be treated.